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Gisou joins the Sephora family in the Middle East
How To Use Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil
New Limited Edition Curling Routine Kit
Valentine's Couples
The Gisou Holiday Series: The Episodes
Gisou’s Online Holiday Pop-up Store: <br>The Gisou Holiday Series
Gisou's 5th Birthday!
Gisou introduces Limited Edition <br> Honey Infused Haircare Set
Gisou announces U.S. expansion into Sephora
Gisou Flower Seeds: How To Sow
Gisou Sustainability Promise 2020
Gisou’s Holiday Pop-up Store: <br> The Gisou Gift Shop
Gisou’s Take Out & Refill: <br> Gisou takes New York City for the first time
Gisou at Galeries Lafayette <br> Champs-Élysées Paris Pop-up
Gisou Honey Jackpot Scratch Card Campaign
Gisou Sustainability Promise 2019
Gisou at Angelina Pop-up Boutique Event
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