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  • Please read more about our heritage story here.

  • Gisou means women’s hair in Persian. It is a reference to Negin Mirsalehi’s Persian background.

  • Gisou is available right here, on Please see our Shipping & Returns page to double check if we ship to your country.

    Gisou is also available at the following retail partners throughout the world:

    North America

    US - Sephora online and at selected stores across the country

    Canada - Sephora online and at selected stores across the country


    France - Galeries Lafayette Paris - Champs Elysées

    United Kingdom

    Selfridges online and 400 Oxford St, London W1C 1JS

    Middle East

    Qatar - Galeries Lafayette Doha

    Sephora Middle East online and in selected stores



    NICHE Beauty

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    We always offer free shipping on orders over $50.

  • We do! We include one sample of either our Honey Infused Hair Oil or Honey Infused Hair Perfume with each order. Unfortunately it is not possible to choose which one you’ll receive during checkout.


  • Please see the complete list of countries we ship to on our Shipping & Returns page.

  • Please see the approximate shipping durations on our Shipping & Returns page.

  • We are working on it and hope to expand our shipping reach in the near future.

  • We unfortunately don't ship to islands at the moment. However, this is something we are working on and hope to be able to ship to you soon!

  • No, we unfortunately don't ship to these regions yet. Please note we're working hard to make this possible in the future.

  • Yes, you can return your unused and unopened products within 14 days after the shipment arrival date. Please consult our Customer Experience team at to request a valid Return Authorization number. For further instructions please see our Returns page.

  • We always strive to provide the best possible service. In case your package was lost or you received it damaged please reach out to so we can help you as soon as possible.

  • Due to Covid-19, please account for a possible delay in receiving your order. We appreciate your patience and are doing everything we can to get your order to you safely while adhering to the government guidelines.


  • We accept the following payment methods:

    - Mastercard

    - VISA

    - Paypal

    - American Express

    Other credit cards are not accepted but can possibly be added to a PayPal account after which you can then pay your order on our website using PayPal.

  • If you are purchasing from our EU website, all payments will be handled in Euros. If you are purchasing from our US/CAN website, all payments will be handled in US dollars.

  • If you placed an order from the EU on our EU website or the USA on our USA website, you will not have to pay import duties to receive your order.

    There is a possibility that you might have to pay import duties depending on the custom laws of the delivery country. Please advise our Shipping & Returns page for more details.

  • There may be several reasons for why payment for an order has failed. Please reach out to our Customer Experience team by emailing and we will help you.

  • You receive an order summary in your order confirmation email after you have placed an order. You can also find your order history in your Gisou account. You also receive your invoice with your order. If you can’t find the invoice, please contact our Customer Experience team at so we can send it to you.

  • VAT is Value Added Tax, which are the taxes paid on top of the value from the sale of products or services.

    Both customers inside and outside the EU pay VAT on their purchases. If you purchase from within the EU the VAT is included in the price of our products. If you purchase from another country, you will have to pay this in the form of our import duties. Please advise our Shipping & Returns page for more details.

  • Depending on your bank account account it may take up to 14 days to receive your refund. You will receive the payment back on the account that you also paid from. 


  • We’re sorry if you ever have an unfavorable experience with one of our products. It may take a while for your hair to get used to our products. We ask you to be patient for a while. We also recommend not using more than what we recommend. For instance, for the Honey Infused Hair Oil we recommend not to use more than 1-3 drops.

  • If we could make one recommendation that works for all hair types, we suggest you try our iconic Honey Infused Hair Oil. Based on a homemade family recipe with honey from the Mirsalehi Bee Garden, the Honey Infused Hair Oil is the ultimate multipurpose oil for frizz prevention, hydration, nourishment and shine. We offer it in a 100ml and 50ml bottle. However, what products you use all depends on your own needs. You can reach out to

  • Although all of our products are suitable for all hair types, the Honey Infused Hair Mask and Honey Infused Hair Wash & Conditioner are especially great for curly hair types as they contain richly hydrating ingredients ideal for dryer, curly hair types. 

  • Gisou products are created to be effective on their own as well as in combination with each other. The Honey Infused care line focuses on the care element within your haircare regime, whereas the Propolis Infused styling line helps to protect and style your hair. We do recommend always using the Honey Infused Hair Wash & Conditioner together. Another one of our favorite product combinations is Negin’s overnight treatment using the Honey Infused Hair Mask with the Honey Infused Hair Oil. Please see the full DIY recipe here. Please also see our Sets for some of our other favorite Gisou product combinations, conveniently at a better price!

  • Gisou products are suitable for all hair types. Depending on your hair’s type and thickness, you can determine the right dosage for your hair to achieve the best results.

  • We’re sorry about your unfavorable experience with Gisou products. It may take some time for your hair to get used to our products based on how they are formulated. We advise trying our products for a longer period of time because we truly believe they will improve the state of your hair in the long-term. Also, when applying the Honey Infused Hair Oil, a drop or two is really all you need to nourish and moisturize. We hope this helps and that you'll consider continuing trying our products.

    Please reach out to if you have any product-related questions. 

  • The proper way to use the dropper is to: gently squeeze the teat and hold for 3 seconds. Release the teat and let the tube fill itself with the Honey Infused Hair Oil for another 3 seconds. Gently pull the dropper out of the bottle and apply the Honey Infused Hair Oil to your hair accordingly.  

  • You can apply the Honey Infused Hair Oil on both wet and dry hair. Please see the complete How to Use instructions, including all of the different ways you can use the Honey Infused Hair Oil, here.

  • Please see our How to Use on the Honey Infused Hair Oil for all the ways to use the Honey Infused Hair Oil, here.

  • You can definitely use the Honey Infused Hair Mask on dry hair. Simply apply a liberal amount to dry hair, leave it on overnight, if you desire, and rinse out. 

    Alternatively, you can follow our other recommended routine, which consists of washing your hair with our Honey Infused Hair Wash and applying the Honey Infused Hair Mask (letting it soak 5-7 minutes before rinsing). If you’re curious to try this routine, we offer this combination of products at a discounted price as a Combo Set - please see the Super Shower Trio. To give your hair even more nourishment, you can also treat your hair to Negin’s signature deep treatment by adding a few drops of Honey Infused Hair Oil into your dosage of Honey Infused Hair Mask. This product combination is also available as a Combo Set - please see our Double Honey Duo

  • A shampoo opens the hair cuticles to cleanse the hair of dirt and product buildup. The open cuticles present the Honey Infused Hair Mask with the perfect opportunity to deliver its concentrated nourishment of vitamins and minerals. A conditioner helps to lock in all of the nourishment and moisture from the Honey Infused Hair Mask by sealing and closing the hair cuticle back up.

  • All of the products in our Honey Infused line have our signature 100% natural Honey Infused fragrance. Our Honey Infused Hair Perfume is just a concentrated version!

  • We recommend waiting until your hair is dry before proceeding with heated styling tools. Never use heated styling tools on wet hair.

  • The Propolis Infused Polishing Primer can be applied on both wet or dry hair, pre- and post-styling to add volume, enhance styling results, prevent damage and dehydration and make your hairstyle last. It reduces drying time and is great at preventing frizz. 

  • That is up to your discretion. We don't recommend using expired Gisou products. We can only vouch for positive effects of non-expired products. 

  • Although we don't claim that any of our products are proven to promote hair growth, we can assure you that all of our haircare helps to maintain and improve the health of your hair and scalp, which may have a positive effect on hair growth. If we could make a suggestion to promote the health of your hair, we would start with your washing routine by trying out our sulfate- and silicone-free Honey Infused Hair Wash & Conditioner. For deep nourishment and hydration, we recommend enhancing your washing routine by using our Honey Infused Hair Mask 1-2 a week. 

  • Our Texture Comb was a limited edition, that has unfortunately sold out indefinitely. Perhaps down the line, we may reconsider and relaunch, but for now it is unavailable and we're not producing more.

  • The Gisou Hairdryer is unfortunately not available for purchase. It is a limited edition item that we use for gifting purposes.


  • We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. All of our paper-based packaging is made of FSC-certified paper from sustainably managed forests; we work with materials such as sugarcane, aluminum and recycled plastic instead of regular plastic;  and we are continuously looking for ways to improve our packaging by working with more recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

  • Our key ingredients are sustainably sourced from the Mirsalehi Bee Garden, where our founder, Negin Mirsalehi and her father continue the 6-generation tradition of beekeeping. Please read more about our sustainable approach to beekeeping on our Story page. 

  • All of our products, except for the Honey Infused Hair Perfume, are manufactured in the Netherlands, where both Gisou HQ and the Mirsalehi Bee Garden are based as well. 

  • Although our products contain natural ingredients, they are not 100% natural or vegan. We never communicate or promote our products to be 100% natural or vegan. We do, however, promise that our products are created with all-natural, bee-sourced ingredients sustainably derived from the Mirsalehi Bee Garden, which will benefit your hair. The decision to include certain ingredients in our formulas is based on our belief that the result and the function of a product are just as important as the ingredients.

  • The decision to include certain ingredients, such as silicones, in our formulas is based on our belief that the result and the function of a product are just as important as the ingredients. In this case, the addition of silicones is meant to give the Honey Infused Hair Oil a dry oil effect to prevent the hair from becoming greasy. 

  • Yes, our Honey Infused line contains our signature Honey Infused fragrance, which is a 100% natural fragrance. Our Propolis Infused line contains our Propolis Infused fragrance. 


  • Gisou is created with the mission to support the honey bees and all that they do for the ecosystem. All Gisou products, which are enriched with ingredients from the Mirsalehi Bee Garden, are produced in a bee friendly and sustainable manner. We always prioritize the well-being of the bees and let them guide our beekeeping practices to obtain Mirsalehi Honey and Mirsalehi Propolis, our key ingredients, basing our production on the harvesting cycle, and only taking their surplus if and when appropriate.
    Please note that it is illegal to test cosmetic products or ingredients on animals, and we are of course in compliance with this law, as well as with all the European Cosmetic Regulations.

  • No, we unfortunately do not sell the Mirsalehi Honey at the moment, but perhaps in the future, if the Mirsalehi Honey Bees are up for it of course! Please read more about ‘Our Bee-Centered Approach’ here.

  • At Gisou, we are passionate about our Mirsalehi Honey Bees. That is why we let the bees guide our beekeeping practices to derive Mirsalehi Honey, Propolis, our key ingredients. We take only what the honey bees don’t need themselves - the surpluses - if and when appropriate, and base our production calendar on the harvesting cycle. We are currently not accredited by any cruelty-free organization, but please know that we have been working on it for some time now and are in the process of obtaining our accreditation by Cruelty-Free International.


  • We sure do. Please check our Careers page for all of our open internships.

  • We’re always looking for amazing new talent to join our expanding team at Gisou HQ. Please check out our Careers page for all of our open opportunities.

  • We won’t say no to that! Please email with your CV and motivation letter.


  • Reach our Customer Experience team from Monday - Friday: 9am - 5:30pm CET/CEST at

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