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How to Use Texturizing Spray for Fine Hair

Do you long for tousled, model-off-duty texture and effortless beachy waves? Texturizing spray is the secret to volume and fullness for fine hair! It’s perfect for creating carefree, voluminous hairstyles and defined curls with touchable hold.

Rather than freezing your hair in place like hairspray, texture spray creates lift and definition with lots of natural movement. Read on to discover all the ways to use texturizing spray for fine hair and why it’s our first choice for touchably soft, frizz-free hairstyles.

Texturizing Spray for Fine Hair

What is Texturizing Spray?

Texturizing spray is a versatile styling product that has been specifically formulated to add volume, definition, and workable hold to all hair types. Texturizing spray is used to add movement and lift to hairstyles. It can be a game changer for fine hair that tends to fall flat after curling or styling.  

Does Texture Spray Help Fine Hair?

Texture spray is a styling essential for fine hair. It adds volume, lift, and texture to fine hair in a way that looks natural. Texture spray is ideal for providing workable hold when curling fine hair and for creating loose, beachy waves with or without heat.

Texture spray adds grip to fine hair, making it easier to achieve your favorite hairstyle without weighing down the hair. Texture spray will also help prevent frizz and add definition to curls and waves. It’s also perfect for freshening up your hairstyle in between wash days. 

What Does Texturizing Spray Do for Fine Hair?

There’s a reason texturizing spray is a staple in every stylist’s toolkit! What exactly does texture spray do for fine hair? Primarily, it provides lift, volume, and lived-in texture while adding workable hold and definition. 

If you’re going for a voluminous blowout, beachy waves, loose curls, or a stunning updo, texturizing spray is the perfect choice for instant volume and lift that lasts all day. If your fine hair tends to fall flat or lose its curl after styling, texture spray provides a touchable hold that doesn’t look stiff or frozen in place.

How to Use Texturizing Spray on Fine Hair

Texturizing spray is a versatile product that can be applied to wet hair, dry hair, or both depending on your styling goals. For defined texture and workable hold, apply it on damp hair after towel drying. To finish off your style with added lift, volume, and hold, apply it to dry hair before curling or after styling.

Either way, be sure to hold the product at arm’s length and start with a light application, building the product up slowly until you reach the desired effect. A few mists are usually all you need, but depending on the look you’re going for, you may need a little more or a little less. Just remember that with fine hair, less is more!

Applying Texturizing Spray to Wet Hair

  1. Start by shampooing with a sulfate-free shampoo and follow up with a hydrating conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down. 
  2. Towel dry your hair and spray evenly with texturizing spray from root to tip. Holding the product at arm’s length will help to ensure a more even application.
  3. Blow dry your hair or let it dry naturally. While your hair is drying, scrunching will add texture, volume, and lift.

Applying Texturizing Spray to Dry Hair

  1. After your hair is completely dry, spray it evenly from roots to ends by holding the product at arm’s length.
  2. Now, flip your head over, give your roots a spritz of texture spray, and massage it in.
  3. Flip your head right side up and scrunch the hair to add instant lift and volume, or style the hair as desired.

Ways to Use Texturizing Spray on Fine Hair

1. Lock In Your Curls

If you’re going for heatless curls, try spritzing texture spray through your damp hair, use your favorite heatless curling technique (this is ours!), and allow it to air dry. Once dry, add some additional spray and scrunch it into the hair for more definition, volume, and lasting hold.

Texture spray can also be used to lock in the curl when you’re curling your hair with a curling iron, too. Spritz your hair from roots to ends, allowing it to dry completely before you curl. Then curl your hair as desired and apply a light mist of texturizing spray as the final touch for extra hold and definition.

2. Create Beachy Waves without Heat

Texturizing spray can be used to create beachy waves on fine hair without heat. You can simply apply the product to damp hair and scrunch your hair while it air dries to create waves. 

Or, if you want more defined waves, divide your hair into sections, spray each section with texture spray, braid, and allow hair to air dry. Once the hair is dry, take out the braids and add lift by flipping your head over, applying a little more product to the roots, and massaging it in. Run your fingers through your hair to achieve a tousled look.

3. Create Volume and Lift on Fine, Limp Hair

If you’re going for that carelessly chic, messy bedhead look, use texture spray to create a tousled look and add volume and lift to fine, limp hair. Simply spritz your dry hair from root to end and scrunch it in to achieve an effortless, undone look.  

4. Accentuate Your Natural Texture Between Wash Days

If you have fine hair that’s also naturally curly or wavy, texturizing spray is ideal for refreshing your curls and adding definition between wash days. Apply the product evenly from root to tip, paying special attention to the roots. Scrunch the product into your hair while holding your head upside down to redefine and promote the curl. 

5. Add Grip to Updos, Ponytails, and Braided Hairstyles

Fine hair, especially when it’s freshly washed, can be tough to style because it has so much slip. Using a texturizing spray before blow drying or styling will add some grip to your hair and help it stay in place as you style. 

If you’re going for a textured summer pony or updo, try lifting horizontal sections of hair at the crown and giving them a little spritz of texture spray to hold them in place.  

6. Finish Off Any Hairstyle with Added Texture and Volume

Texturizing spray is the perfect finishing touch for just about any wavy or curly hairstyle. Use it to add light, airy volume after a blowout or curling your hair with a heat tool. Or, use it to add hold to elements of your style that you don’t want to be weighed down or stiff. It will keep your style looking perfect for longer, without changing the feel or finish of your hair.

Texturizing spray

Choosing The Best Texturizing Spray for Fine Hair

Of course, not all texturizing sprays are created the same. The wrong product can leave a residue or chalkiness that makes your hair feel dirty, but the right one can transform your strands with the touchably-soft volume and movement you’ve always dreamed of.

Now that you’re well-versed in the benefits of texturizing spray for hair and the many ways to use one, let’s talk about some key things to consider when choosing the best texturizing spray.

Hair Type

If you have fine hair, you’ll want to pick a lightweight product that won’t weigh down your hair. Since fine hair is prone to frizz, keep your eye out for texturizing sprays that have anti-frizz properties. 


When comparing texturizing spray formulas, it’s important to look for products that contain both nourishing ingredients and texturizing ingredients. Fine hair is more prone to damage and breakage, so look for ingredients that protect the hair and keep it healthy.

Here are a few essential ingredients to look for: 

  • Propolis: This ingredient is produced by bees and used to build strong beehives. It contains multiple oils, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids that promote hair health and protect it from damage. It protects against split ends and breakage while also enhancing hair volume, definition, and texture.
  • Sea Salt: This natural ingredient adds texture to the hair while also working as a humectant to draw in moisture. It replicates the just-out-of-the-sea effect.
  • Polyquaternium-72: Polyquaternium ingredients are essential for providing hold in your texturizing spray. They also help to give a smoother feel to the hair and reduce frizz by fighting static.


Texturizing sprays can offer different finishes that affect the way your hair looks and feels after styling. The key is to find a product that doesn’t make your hair feel stiff, dry, or sticky, but still provides longevity to your hairstyle. The product shouldn't leave a visible residue but add shine and reduce frizz.


A good texturizing spray should provide a workable, long-lasting hold without weighing down your hair. Look for a lightweight formula that won’t build up in your hair, so you can use it to refresh your style and add volume between wash days.

Pro Tip: Gisou’s Propolis Infused Texturizing Wave Spray is the best texturizing spray for fine hair. It creates instant waves, body, and volume without leaving the hair weighed down, stiff or sticky. Formulated with Mirsalehi Propolis as the key ingredient, it promotes hair health and fights frizz while enhancing texture and adding definition. 

Texturizing spray Negin

Answering Your Questions About Texturizing Spray for Fine Hair

What’s the Difference Between Texturizing Spray vs Hair Spray?

At first glance, texturizing spray is similar to hair spray, but there are actually some pretty significant differences. The primary goal of a texture spray is to infuse the hair with touchable hold, texture, lift, and volume when styling the hair. On the other hand, hairspray is specifically formulated to provide firm hold after styling. 

The two products can be layered together or used separately, depending on your styling goals. Texture spray provides longevity to waves and curls without making them stiff or sticky, so it’s ideal for creating a more natural, defined look. Hairspray is better suited for providing firm hold when creating updos and other special occasion hairstyles.

Is Texturizing Spray Good for Fine Hair?

Texturizing spray works for all hair types, but it’s especially good for fine hair! It’s absolutely essential for adding grip and hold to fine or thin hair without compromising texture or movement. Use it to add volume and lift to fine hair, create instant waves, or create a tousled look. The best texturizing sprays for fine hair also contain ingredients that protect it from breakage.

Do You Use Texture Spray Before or After Styling?

Texture spray can be used before styling, after styling, or both depending on your goals. Use it before styling to create instant waves or add workable hold and grip to the hair. Use it after styling for extra lift, hold, and definition. Or, do both when you’re looking for the longest-lasting hold and maximum volume.

Wrapping Up

We would all love to roll out of bed with bouncy, full tresses! But anyone who has fine hair knows the struggle of achieving body, volume, and hold. If this sounds like you, texturizing spray is the solution you’re looking for!

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