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Gisou’s Take Out & Refill: Gisou takes New York City for the first time

On September 7th, 2019, Gisou by Negin Mirsalehi opened the doors of its pop-up store in NYC with a VIP event and public meet & greet. The exclusive get together with Negin was attended by respected names in the beauty and fashion scene. The VIP event was followed by a public meet & greet with Negin Mirsalehi, where fans came to meet Negin and visit the pop-up.

Gisou’s Take Out & Refill: New York Pop-up Event 2019

Gisou takes NYC

Gisou hosts pop-ups in cities around the world to meet up with contacts and loyal customers that reside there. The concept of Gisou pop-ups are always inspired by the local culture of the specific destination and executed as a Gisou ‘takeover,’ staying close to authenticity. 

Gisou’s Takeout & Refill embraced the typical New York City takeout and fast food culture. A Papaya Dog - a typical New York hot dog chain - in the West Village was turned into a completely Gisou branded pop-up store in New York City fast food-style. Inspired by the typical fast food ‘deal menu,’ pre-selected combination deals were also available for purchase, which gave customers a discount on specific Gisou product combinations. 

Customers could also choose to order refills, combinations, or individual products via phone or email for ‘takeout’.


Sustainability & refill

In 2019 Gisou launched its Sustainability Promise via Instagram stories, wherein we promised to work on improving the sustainability of the brand in various ways. At Gisou’s Take Out & Refill, we gave customers the chance to reduce and reuse by purchasing refills on their (half) empty Gisou product bottle(s) at a special price. 

Through this initiative, Gisou aimed to further communicate its stance on sustainability, to show that it’s serious about its promise, and to influence its customers to be mindful about their own impact as well. Every design element of this pop-up was created with sustainability in mind. 


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