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Our Community Tried the Honey Infused Scalp Treatment for 30 Days

Here's What They Said.

At Gisou, one of the things we always take into consideration when developing new products is that they need to be suitable for all hair types, so that they can tackle various hair concerns. What makes our Gisou community so special is that everyone is so diverse, and that’s why we want our products to address the different needs of each individual. 

We asked two Community members to test the new Honey Infused Scalp Treatment for 30 days and share with us their experience with the Scalp Treatment, how it helped them with their scalp issues and how they use it in their haircare routines. 

Honey Infused Scalp Treatment Serum

One serum to treat all scalp issues

The Honey Infused Scalp Treatment Serum is a lightweight, fast-absorbing, intensive leave-on scalp serum that nourishes, balances and protects the scalp resulting in healthier-looking and shinier hair. Its 99% natural formulation is made to tackle various scalp concerns, such as dryness, flakiness, oiliness, itchiness and greasiness. 

Our community puts Honey Infused Scalp Treatment to the test!

We asked our Gisou Community Members Leah and Nina to test the Honey Infused Scalp Treatment for 30 days and share their honest reviews and experiences with us. 


“Growing up I have always had healthy hair, thanks to my mom (yay for genetics!). However, I do use heat tools and chemicals on my hair. When I first heard of “scalp treatment”, a lightbulb went off in my head. It never occurred to me that healthy hair starts with your scalp!

I would describe my hair as: very silky, wavy and thick. It doesn’t sound like my hair needs a scalp treatment, right? The one problem is that my hair gets oily after one day, so I wash it every day, even though I know that it strips my hair of its natural oils. 

Oily hair starts at the scalp, so I wanted to try the new Gisou Honey Infused Scalp Treatment to target this issue.” 

Gisou Community 30-day scalp treatment


“I have naturally dry skin - on my face and body, including my scalp. My scalp is dry and sometimes itchy. 

I put a lot of effort into my skincare routine and I'm really invested in my hair care routine as well. We all know that a healthy scalp is the root of healthy hair. A healthy scalp ensures that your hair can grow long, thick and be healthy.”

Honey Infused Scalp Treatment

Part 1. Before Honey Infused Scalp Treatment

Even if you’ve never tried a scalp treatment serum before, it’s an easy step to add into your current haircare routine. A small step with big results! We’ve mentioned the benefits of using a Scalp Treatment Serum before, and our Community Members put it to the test: 


“My hair-care routine before trying this Scalp Serum consisted of using the Gisou Honey Infused Hair Mask once a week in the shower and finishing off with Honey Infused Hair Oil on my ends. 

Since I started using the Honey Infused Scalp Treatment, my routine looks like this:

After I dry my hair I use the Hair Oil on the ends of my hair. I then part my hair to the right, squeeze some of the Honey Infused Scalp Treatment on my scalp, then part my hair on the left side and repeat. Lastly, I massage the product in, put my hair into a bun, then I go to bed! 

My biggest tip is to not put it on if you’re about to go out somewhere because it will look like your roots are oily, if you have oily hair like me. Another tip is to use a comb after applying the serum so that it evenly spreads out along your roots before you massage the product into your scalp.”


“I usually wash my hair once or twice a week with the Gisou Honey Infused Hair Wash, then I apply the Honey Infused Hair Mask and leave it on for 10 minutes to lock in moisture. Afterwards, I finish with the Honey Infused Hair Conditioner

Once a week, I do an intensive treatment to repair dry hair using the Gisou Hair Mask mixed with the Honey Infused Hair Oil and I leave it overnight and wash my hair in the morning. 

I started using the Honey Infused Scalp Treatment twice a week by applying it at night before going to bed. I first brush my hair and then I apply the Scalp Treatment Serum section by section and massage it onto my scalp with my fingers for 5 minutes. I don’t need to wash my hair the following morning because the Scalp Serum gets fully absorbed overnight.”

How to use Honey Infused Scalp Treatment

Part 2. After Honey Infused Scalp Treatment (30 days later!)

When you first start using the Honey Infused Scalp Treatment, we recommend using it twice a week for 30 days. After this, you can decide to use it once or twice a week. This will help balance and reset the scalp, and create and sustain equilibrium in your scalp microbiome. It’s crucial to keep your scalp microbiome healthy and in balance in order to prevent scalp irritation and to grow strong, healthy, shiny hair.

Leah and Nina tested the Honey Infused Scalp Treatment twice a week for 30 days.


“The first two weeks of this routine, I noticed that my scalp felt more hydrated and soft, which is unusual for me as I have never done any scalp treatment before. 

Then after using the Scalp Treatment Serum for about one month I decided to not wash my hair for a day - I would normally wash it every day - and wanted to see how it would go. I woke up the next day and noticed my hair was barely if not oily at all! Instead, my scalp still felt fresh and clean. 

And in terms of my hair, I began to receive many compliments about how bouncy it was. Before using the Scalp Serum, I never received such compliments. So that was when I realized the Honey Infused Scalp Treatment was really doing something great for my hair!” 


“The nozzle tip has a mess-free design and is very effective and makes it very easy to apply the Scalp Serum.

From the first use, my scalp instantly felt soothed and so wonderful. I was initially worried that it would weigh down my hair but it didn’t at all! And it doesn't leave my hair greasy, even if I don’t wash it out the next morning. 

After only two uses, my scalp wasn't itchy anymore! I continued to use it twice a week. After one month, I reduced it to once a week for moisture and rehydration - it’s like a night cream for your scalp.”

Gisou Community 30-day scalp treatment

The final verdict? 

The Honey Infused Scalp Treatment is a natural Scalp Serum made to tackle a range of scalp concerns: excessive oil, dryness, irritation, itchiness and flaking. While Leah and Nina were dealing with completely different scalp concerns, they both experienced the benefits of using a Scalp Treatment on a regular basis.


“After seeing these major improvements in the greasiness and bounciness of my hair, I pledged to myself to add the Honey Infused Scalp Treatment into my routine at least once a week. It has become one of my haircare essentials and has absolutely made my hair feel the best it’s ever felt. 

As I previously mentioned, I didn’t have any major hair concerns other than my scalp becoming significantly oily after only one day. But in a way, this Scalp Treatment Serum is like sunscreen. Although I’m only 22, I wear sunscreen religiously to prevent wrinkles even though I don’t have any yet. Even though I don’t have any major hair or scalp issues right now, I know that the Scalp Treatment will help maintain my hair and scalp health in the long run.    

Overall, the Honey Infused Scalp Treatment has successfully targeted my scalp’s oiliness but also significantly improved the health of my hair and it’s never felt better!


“My hair looks and feels so much healthier and shinier. Since I’ve starting using the Scalp Treatment, I’ve also noticed that I’m experiencing a lot less hair loss! I used to experience a lot of hair falling out after every wash, especially right after washing it. 

I will absolutely continue to use the Honey Infused Scalp Treatment in my haircare routine on a weekly basis! It’s a haircare essential - my hair looks and feels the healthiest it’s ever been. 

Including it in my routine will not only help maintain my hair and scalp health in the long run. My hair has never felt better and I’m so happy with my hair’s health. The Honey Infused Scalp Treatment is a real game changer!”

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