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Gisou Honey Jackpot Scratch Card Campaign

Gisou Scratch Card

At Gisou, we are passionate about honey bees and everything they do for us, which is why we always celebrate World Bee Day. This year we celebrated World Bee Day and the start of bee season with a Gisou Honey Jackpot prize pool. By including a Gisou Scratch Card with every order placed between May 20-29, each customer held the chance to win one of 30 exclusive Gisou prizes in the Honey Jackpot prize pool.


Prize Pool

To win one of the unique Gisou prizes in the Honey Jackpot prize pool, all prize boxes on the Gisou Scratch Card had to be scratched to find repeating symbols.

The prizes in the Honey Jackpot prize pool:
1x Personal invite to meet Negin in the Mirsalehi Bee Garden
3x Limited edition, exclusive Honey Infused Hair Oil - Family Pack Edition
3x Complete range of all Gisou products
10x Limited edition, exclusive Gisou Hairdryer 
13x Jar of 100% pure Mirsalehi Honey


The Jackpot

In total, 2000 Gisou Scratch Cards were given away. Only one of the 30 winning Gisou Scratch Cards could be redeemed for the special opportunity to meet Negin in the Mirsalehi Bee Garden in summer 2019. 

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