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2020-09-27 06:05:05

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The very first exclusive feature of Gisou: W MAGAZINE

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The very first exclusive feature of Gisou: W MAGAZINE

W Magazine has featured Gisou in their November issue and interviewed Negin Mirsalehi about the origins of her brand new haircare line, Gisou.


Negin had the chance to chat with W Magazine about the roots of Gisou, which resulted in the very first exclusive press feature of the brand.

The idea for starting Gisou came to Negin when she just started building up her social platform. Besides the obvious interest in her personal style creations, there was also an overwhelming response to her hair. Everyone from friends to random people on the street and of course her followers on her social media platforms, it was all about the hair!

After that Negin was determined to share her favorite hair products with the rest of the world. Created by her Mom over twenty years ago with honey from the Mirsalehi bee garden, Negin is now releasing her favorite product to the public: the honey-infused hair oil. 

See the feature below.